Is it coincidence that blend and bland are practically the same word?  As in, “to blend in” might as well be “to bland in”?  Seems weird, right?  And for most people, especially when it comes to camping gear, blending in with the rest is all well and good.  I think we’re all pretty familiar with the standard color options we are usually given when selecting a shelter.  But with Blop tents, blending in is not an option.  Unless maybe you’re camping at a factory that makes highlighters.  But why would you be doing that you freak?


Hanging Out With The New Tentsile UNA

Let’s face it, even the most hard core tenthusiast wakes up on occasion with a sore back from another night on mother nature’s mattress (hard dirt) thinking there has to be a better way.  Even with the best gear out there, we’ve all had a case of sleeping pad spine.   Enter Tentsile.  For 5 years Tentsile has been creating elevated camping experiences with their tree suspended tents.  Just picture a hammock and a tent having a baby.  Or better yet, maybe don’t.

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Pitched on a perch (click to enlarge)

We recently reached out to our friend across the pond, Max Dreamcreator, for our latest batch of tentallating imagery.  His tentsational photography of lands throughout Europe will have you feeling green with tentvy.  Seriously, his campsites are so sweet, you’ll have to visit the tentist.  Ok, we’ll stop.  Without any further cringe inducing puns, let us tentroduce you to Max Dreamcreator….


Win a FREE Molecule-4 Tent from The Earth Ship!

We’re stoked to partner with The Earth Ship and photographer Zak Stone to giveaway a free Molecule-4 Tent!  It’s totally compli-tent-ary!  As you probably read in out ‘Tentovation’  article with The Earth Ship, every 3-season Molecule-4 tent is made from recycled bottles and feature  the ‘Infinite Tarpestry’ artwork of Mars-1.  To put some more icing on the sustainability cake, they plant 10 trees for every tent purchased.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas and Deals!

Did you procras-tent-ate on your gift buying again this year??? Yeah, us too.  But fear not!  We’ve compiled a list of our favorite last minute gifts and the best deals on the interwebs for the camp cravers on your list.  From stocking stuffers to the ‘oh my god! I can’t believe you got this! I love you so much!’ tent on their list.



Use Code TentCommandments5 and get an additional 5% off.  That’s 25% off and free shipping!  Click here for this insane offer! And to top it off, they plant 18 trees for every tent purchased!

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Camp Sights: Mountain Escape

Photo: Meridith Bontrager | Hipcamp

Mountains aren’t just funny.  They are hill-areas!  And what better place to get away from it all than a mountain escape in Northeastern Nevada?  C’mon, you’ve been working hard.  You deserve it!

The Mountain Escape camp outside the Old West town of Montello, Nevada is no frills yet provides everything you need.  Open space, expansive mountain views, and a flat spot to put your tent.  Sounds like the Four Seasons to us!

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Tentspiration: Zak Stone

All photos: Zak Stone (Click photos to enlarge)

Need a little extra push to dust off the tent in search of ad-tent-ure?  Our ‘Tentspiration’ feature is composed of photos so good, you’ll head straight for the woods.  This week’s feature is by Zak Stone, a Salem, Oregon based photographer, avid tentsman and family man who has worked with the likes of Tenba Bags, Lume Cube, Shwood Sunglasses and our friends at The Earthship to name a few.  Scroll through for more about Zak and get all the tenspiration you need to get out and ‘Campe Diem’! Continue reading “Tentspiration: Zak Stone”

Tentovation: Turning Bottles Into Bivouacs with The Earthship

Photo: Zak Stone

We first found The Earthship through their stunning imagery on Instagram, but grew even more intrigued of this newcomer in the tent-dustry when we learned their tent were made from recycled bottles.  Yes, you read that right.  These are high quality, outdoor ready, take-what-you-can-put-them-through tents made out of recycled plastic textiles.

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