Tentspiration: Zak Stone

Tentspiration: Zak Stone

Need a little extra push to dust off the tent in search of ad-tent-ure?  Our ‘Tentspiration’ feature is composed of photos so good, you’ll head straight for the woods.  This week’s feature is by Zak Stone, a Salem, Oregon based photographer, avid tentsman and family man who has worked with the likes of Tenba Bags, Lume Cube, Shwood Sunglasses and our friends at The Earthship to name a few.  Scroll through for more about Zak and get all the tenspiration you need to get out and ‘Campe Diem’!

Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon (Click photo to enlarge)

What’s in your camera bag?

Tenba Bag Shootout 24L. Carry everywhere.  Everyday.  Holding my SonyA7II, Zeiss 16-35mm 4f, Sony 50mm 1.8f, Sony 28mm 2f, Rokinon 14mm 2.8f.  6 Sony batteries, Lume Cubes, GoPro, Lanparte Gimbal and also holds my Dji Mavic.  And of course laptop with external hard drive.  It gets heavy by the end of the day.

Sunset at Scott Lake with the 3 Sisters Mountains, 2015 (Click photo to enlarge)
What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why?
Too many to pick one.  But definitely would be a night time Milky Way photo or my recent northern lights photos. Or the Sean Fair repelling down Boca Cave, or the Detroit Lake 4th of July in 2016.
Sean Fair on Mt Jefferson – Boca Cave, Oregon (Click photo to enlarge)
Detriot Lake, 4th of July
It looks like you get to some pretty remote locations.  Got any crazy stories about the lengths you’ve gone to to get a photo? 
A few time I’ve taken off in the middle of the night to drive a long way to get there for sunrise.  Crater Lake, Shores Acres, Alvord Desert.  If the weather is too cloudy I’ll try to find where it isn’t and go there. Sometimes it takes 4-8hrs.
Alvord Desert, Oregon, 2015 (Click photo to enlarge)
Current tent setup?
Sierra Designs Nightwatch 2.  It’s awesome for watching the stars.  With a Sierra Designs Country Bed style sleeping bag.
Milky Way over the Sierra Designs Nightwatch 2 Tent (Click photo to enlarge)
Can you give us a Tent Commandment to add to the list?
Thou shalt always leave the trail and campsites better than we find them.
Three Fingered Jack 4th of July 2015, Oregon (Click photo to enlarge)
Marion Falls, Oregon (Click photo to enlarge)
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