Hanging Out With The New Tentsile UNA

Hanging Out With The New Tentsile UNA

Let’s face it, even the most hard core tenthusiast wakes up on occasion with a sore back from another night on mother nature’s mattress (hard dirt) thinking there has to be a better way.  Even with the best gear out there, we’ve all had a case of sleeping pad spine.   Enter Tentsile.  For 5 years Tentsile has been creating elevated camping experiences with their tree suspended tents.  Just picture a hammock and a tent having a baby.  Or better yet, maybe don’t.

Not only does the Tentsile provide suspended sleeping comfort, it gets you off the ground allowing you to sleep comfortably in the wettest, buggiest, snake infestedest locations.  Ok, if you need to sleep in an area infested with snakes you probably have bigger problems than where to pitch a tent.  But I digress.

“But I’m a backpacker and I heard they’re heavy” – Billy The Backpacker

Hey Billy,

Thanks for your message.  Tentsile actually just released a new tent designed with you in mind.  The UNA.  Coming in at just 6.2 lbs fully loaded, this is the lightest suspended tent of it’s kind.  It allows any hiker to get closer to nature (and be the envy of their other hiker friends) by providing comfortable shelter anywhere trees grow in a lightweight packable package.

The UNA is Tentsile’s first foray into the single occupant shelter.  We found the setup process quite easy once the proper trees were chosen.  Note that you’ll need nature to cooperate with a nice tree triangle, which depending on your location can be no sweat or lots of sweat.  We recommend use of this tent in areas where trees and good vibes are plentiful.

This video will be a helpful tent-torial on exactly how to setup your UNA

And once you’re setup, let the Instagram gold begin!  There’s no denying you’ll be the tentvy of your friends with the tentcredible photos you’ll get from this hanging tent.

But we know that’s not what the outdoors is about. Taking our pun hats off for a minute, the UNA is a great option for a backpacker looking for a single person shelter in wet, snowy, or other areas where sleeping on the ground is not an option.  It’s versatility and ability to be setup in any area with an abundance of trees ensures you’ll be camping comfortably even where flat ground is not an option.

To celebrate their 5th birthday, Tentsile is offering a 5% discount to all our readers!  Use code TentCommandments5 at checkout to get this tentcredible deal! Click HERE to learn get yours!


Weight: 2.8kg / 6.2lbs fully loaded, or 2.2kg / 5.5lbs – hand-tensioned only (no ratchet)

Set up time: 10 minutes

Seasons: 3

Size: 9 x 9 x 5ft

Pack down size:  11 x 8 x 8in

Floor area: approximately  25ft²

Dry porch area on ground level: 30ft²

Doors: 1

Height: 1.7ft (Unloaded)

Poles: 1 x 8.5mm diameter anodised aluminium alloy

Roof: Tear resistant insect mesh

Rain fly: Removable 40D PU coated waterproof polyester, 3000HH, in a choice of colours

Floor fabric: 70D nylon rip-stop (blue) reinforced with 8 metres of 25mm / 1″ webbing

Ratchets and straps: 15ft Straps and 3 industry-grade non-slip adjuster buckles

Maximum load: 150kg/330lbs

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