Tentroducing: Blop Tents

Tentroducing: Blop Tents

Is it coincidence that blend and bland are practically the same word?  As in, “to blend in” might as well be “to bland in”?  Seems weird, right?  And for most people, especially when it comes to camping gear, blending in with the rest is all well and good.  I think we’re all pretty familiar with the standard color options we are usually given when selecting a shelter.  But with Blop tents, blending in is not an option.  Unless maybe you’re camping at a factory that makes highlighters.  But why would you be doing that you freak?

Created by a team with over 40 years experience in the tent design game, Blop Tents were engineered to be functional, fun, and fantastically funky.  Looking at a Blop Tent, it will take you about 2 seconds to see they have taken a bold new approach to standing out while sleeping in.  Coming in with 5 boldly in-tents colors, never again will you lose your tent in a sea of sameness.

With the quality and functionality to be your everyday campground camp-anion, the ease of setup and bright party vibes of these tents also makes them the perfect festival flat!

Festive Features:

-Simple Setup: Don’t get stuck missing Beyonce do ‘Single Ladies’ with your #Squad because you were busy trying to figure out how the poles on your tent fit together.  The simple, sturdy design will have you front row in no time.

-Tent-llating color options: Like we said before, there’s no losing this thing.  Just tell the new friends you made watching The Weeknd to find the real fun at the bright blue Blop.  There’s a party in every pitch!

-The rainfly- The 1500mm outer coating will keep those dreaded downpours out, while the internal reflective coating reflects heat to keep you cooler during those well-deserved afternoon naps.  We know that watching music in the sun all day can be exhausting 😉

Let’s talk about specs, baby:

  • Size: 6ʼ6” x 6ʼ6” x 51” (sleeps 3 comfortably)
  • 1500mm Water proof coating on fly and tent body
  • 1500mm Silver coating under fly substantially reduces interior temperature on hot days
  • Fully taped seams on fly
  • Front and Rear vestibule for dry gear storage
  • Simple setup allows for more time enjoying the outdoors
  • Snag-free tec mesh continuous sleeves allow for easy set up
  • Sturdy dome design uses innovative hybrid steel and FRP frame
  • 1500mm coated Poly Oxford floor for increased durability and waterproofing
  • Carry Bag included for easy transport
  • Storage pockets for your gadgets

Think beyond the bland and camp in color this festival season or any season for that matter.  Camping should be fun, and nothing is more fun than a blindingly bright bivouac!  It’s science!

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