Stuff We’re Into This Week – October 15, 2018

Stuff We’re Into This Week – October 15, 2018

Photo: Whitney Whitehouse

Welcome to ‘Stuff We’re Into This Week‘, a new weekly feature of random stuff that we’re into and you might be too. Or maybe not. I mean we barely even know each other. How are we supposed to know what you like? But we’ll do our best to find the coolest things each week and keep the camp vibes high!

1. The Klymit Sky Bivy

Stop!  Hammock Time!  I mean, do we even need to explain why this is awesome?  Couple Klymit’s Lay Flat Hammock with the new Sky Shelter cover and you’re hanging like MC Hammock.  Hammock Pants optional.  Available HERE

2.   It’s Freakin’ Fall, fool!

Don’t get us wrong we love summer.  Except for the humidity in the Southern United States.  That is just criminal.  But we are ready to leaf summer behind, and the color changing of leaves is in FALL effect!  Orange you ready for cooler temps and fall foliage?  It’s unbe-leaf-able!

Photo: Lane Johnson

3. Alex Honnold’s ‘Free Solo’ Movie

If you didn’t hear about Alex Honnold’s epic free solo climb up the Freerider route of El Capitan last year, chances are you were living under the rock the size of the one he was climbing.  And even though you might already know the ending, we guarantee that you don’t know the whole story and struggles overcome along the way.   Not to mention the palm sweat inducing cinematography and imagery that is almost like being there but at least 99% less dangerous.  To summit up, go see it.  Even if you have no friends and have to go SOLO.  Find a screening near you HERE

4. The Narrows

You might say we’re cliche, but obviously we’ll take that as a compliment.  This quintessential Zion destination is one of our favorite things this week.  I mean, this slot is just gorges!! Even as vacation season winds down, this baby sees it’s share of daily visitors, so take our advice and go early.  And after a brief closure due to a dispute with bordering private land owners, the ‘top down’ backpacking route is once again open. So water you wading for???  Check out this link for the ‘real’ details.  We’re just here to tell jokes.

5. Indy Brand Clothing Sweatshirts

If you have ask why this made the list, you deserve to be PUNished!  These things are high quality and we’re not just talking about the word play.  Be the tenvy of all your friends and pick yours up HERE

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