Tenspiration: Connor Lamoureux

Tenspiration: Connor Lamoureux

Have you ever tried to take a photo of a tent in the wild?  I mean, a really good one?  You know, like the ones we post everyday on Instagram with the insanely witty captions 😉 . It’s hard enough just to get to one of these locations and once you’re there, good luck trying to get the magic light, angle, and camera settings all melted together just perfect.  Which is why we hit up Ontario, Canada’s own Connor Lamoureux, a photographer (and a gentleman) that seems to have it all dialed in.  He hit our radar via his Instagram and we’ve been huge fans ever since. We reached out to Connor to learn more about what makes him tick, what he’s got on the horizon (pun intended), and for some tentspiration for all the aspiring photogs out there.  Be sure to stick around until the end where Connor adds a Tent Commandment to the list.  Urine for a treat!

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Tell us a little about yourself.  Where you are from, where you currently reside, what you do for a living, what you do for fun?  Let’s just get all of the basics out of the way up front

My name is Connor, I was born and raised in Ontario but for the past year and a half, after graduating from university I’ve been living in British Columbia. It’s now become my official new home, and I live with my amazing wife Alex and together we run a company called Paramount Media House. I feel super blessed that we have lots of opportunities to travel, and we’re so excited to be doing what we love for work. Some other things that I’m interested in other than photography and the outdoors are; ice cream, Marvel movies, lip-sync battles, running and graphic design.


What’s in your camera bag?

My camera bag is usually just a regular backpack full of snacks, outdoor gear and a camera cuddled inside of an old winter toque. I currently shoot with a Sony A7ii and my go-to, most used lens is the 16-35 f/2.8 G-Master. As for other random gear, I use the DJI Mavic Pro and absolutely love it and I’m always carrying around lens cleaning cloths and extra SD cards.


What do you love about outdoor photography?

Some of my earliest childhood memories are camping and canoeing trips with my family, and this spark of passion for the outdoors has grown into a rip roarin’ bonfire. For me, photographing the great outdoors and the various trips and adventures that I go on, just feels really natural. I love being able to capture the beauty of places and experiences the way I feel/see them. I also love how outdoor photography can encourage others to get outside and explore new places. So ya, I could ramble on for awhile about how much I love it, but in a nutshell I’m just a nature geek that also loves photography so what’s better than uniting two passions to create the ultimate best time!?


You mentioned you just launched Paramount Media House.  Can you tell us more about the company and what inspired you to start it?

Paramount Media House is a marketing, production and photography agency. Our focus is to capture companies and individuals personalities, while pushing the creative boundaries of digital content. My father in law started a photography business in 1992 called Paramount Portraits, and after 20-something years he retired until we recently partnered alongside him to re-brand and launch the all new Paramount Media House.

What inspired us to start it, is the mission to up the creativity level within digital content. Nowadays there’s an endless amount of content and everything is saturated with similar tactics. We want to grow to become a marketing agency that is known for pushing the boundaries and to create successful campaigns and content that resonates with and impacts people. We offer services from wedding photography, to brand design to full scale marketing campaigns and everything in between.

We’re super excited for all that’s ahead for the PMH family!  


What does your current camp setup look like? 

Currently the basics of my camping gear setup includes a Big Agnes tent, Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad, a super cozy MEC sleeping bag and a Gregory backpack.


What do you like about that particular tent?

The tent is a Big Agnes Manzanares HV SL3 mtnGLO Tent and it not only comfortably fits 2-3 people, but it’s super light and compact, ideal for backpacking trips and it also has built in LED lights running down the inside of the poles. So it creates a super cozy and ‘aesthetic’ sleeping palace.


Do you have any favorite camping or backpacking spots?

This is a tough one! So many spots, and I’m always finding more that make my top favourite list! Favourite place in general for camping or backpacking is Banff, Alberta. I lived there for a summer a few years ago and it always hold a special place in my heart. Not to mention the views everywhere and hiking trails are all so insanely gorgeous.


What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working full time as the creative director for Paramount Media House and always bouncing from one exciting project to the next.


Can you give us a Tent Commandment to add to the list?

Once when I was young, I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to go pee. I guess in my half-asleep state I thought I had left the tent and walked to the outhouse, so I dropped my pants and started peeing. However, I was still in the tent, standing by the door with my shoes on and my entire family got quite the rude awakening as I peed all over them. So I guess the Tent Commandment that I would add is “if you gotta go, go outside”.

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