Did somebody say FREE COFFEE? You’re doggone right we did!

Thou shalt explore the world but first, coffee…

That’s right! We teamed up with  Libra Coffee to giveaway a Libra Camper Mug and a 5-Pack of Pourtables, the easiest way to get premium coffee on your outdoor adventures.  Follow us on Instagram and see this post for details!  Come up with your best, wittiest, punniest caption, leave a comment + tag a friend and you’re in!

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Thou Shalt Not Geotag Thy Campsite??

I came across an Instagram post the other day of which the general theme was this: by tagging the geographic location of your remote or special ‘secret’ campsite on social media, that you are doing yourself and the general camping public a disservice by informing the uninformed of it’s existence.  The irony of finding this post on the ‘Explore’ page was not lost on this punslinger.  The poster went on in detail about how the geotagging offender was trying to somehow assert their coolness by showing how in the outdoor know they are.  That part actually makes sense.

Her secluded Joshua Tree campsite, once cut off from the outside world, was being overrun with tourists in search of likes and retweets.  Her go-to spot had become her don’t-go-to spot due to the congestion and new found resi-tents.

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